A Tale of Two Fridays

Friday, January 14, 2011
Long Beach, California, United States
I'm back in the U S of A!

The 13-hour-and-five-minute flight from Sydney to LAX went without a hitch. I managed to sleep a little bit, as well as watch four movies (Toy Story 3, Social Network, Going the Distance and Bridget Jones's Diary), as well as a few epis of "Mike and Molly."  I'm starting to get a sore throat and a runny nose, which isn't anything new, so I hope I don't get majorly sick. Although I stayed pretty healthy on the trip, so I won't complain.

I didn't get questioned at all as I arrived in US customs. The lady was like, "on holiday??" "Yep," I said. "Welcome back." Stamp, close passport book, end of story!

It took a long time to receive my bags, but they did arrive relatively unscathed, at least I think, and it was close to 10 am by the time my aunt Sandy picked me up. We stopped at Peete's for coffee and then I took a much-needed shower. We went to the mall, mainly so I would stay active and not sleep, had lunch and relaxed a bit. We had dinner at Koi (AWESOME sushi) and then yogurt at Yogurtland (AWESOME yogurt).

My mom said Kelly-dog is getting lonely and will be glad to see me. They have let her sleep in the house a bit, which they never do. I asked my mom to grab to some tennies or warm shoes from my house, as I left my old ones in Auckland. All I have are my Clarks sandals, and those will not work in the frigid Wisconsin climate.

The weird thing about all this is that I'm experiencing two Fridays. I keep referring to the first Friday as "yesterday" and Thursday seems like ages ago, even though that also technically was "yesterday."  Tomorrow is Saturday, but mentally and physically I feel like it's Saturday now. The real Saturday will feel like Sunday, and Monday, as always, will arrive way too soon.

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