Lazy Thursday

Thursday, October 13, 2011
Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Today was nice as we didn't actually have to get up and be somewhere. Not that we had to be somewhere all week, but we've had things planned during the day. But today we could just be a little lazy, and it was needed.

We "slept in" until 7:45 and decided to order room service for breakfast . I had to finish some grading and was pleased to get it all done. After breakfast, we decided to take a drive to a bunch of "kiosk stands" that are about 5 miles from our resort. They are literally about 90 of them, and most are eateries. We snagged some cool souvenirs (and the lady asked if we were sisters!) and then decided to grab lunch at "La Parilla," where they have great mofongo, according to some people we have met here. Mofongo is very well known here.

They didn't open until noon, but we were able to sit and have some drinkie-poos. Kate ordered the conch salad and I ordered seafood mofongo. Mofongo is fried plantain, and sometimes it's served with seafood or some other meat. Mine had clam, shrimp, squid and shrimp mixed in a creole sauce. It was AWESOME! I think it was the best think I have had here. I'm not sure whether I like mofongo that much or I just like saying it. Mofongo, mofongo, mofongo. No, it really is pretty darn good. Kate had some beer called "Magna" with lunch, and it's one of two beers brewed here .

After lunch, we hung out by the pool and swam. An iguana came by our chairs, and if we hadn't seen them on Sunday, we might have been kind of freaked out. Because of my time in the sun yesterday, I had to keep my legs and back covered today. At one point I wasn't feeling the greatest, so I went upstairs to the room and took a nap. It was probably a combination of too much sun, not enough water and not enough rest.

At 5 pm, we drove to the beach town of Fajardo to do a night-time Bio Bay Kayak tour. The Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo has lots of plankton, so when we waved our hands through the water, they would light up! The water literally looked like it had shiny diamonds in it. There were 12 people part of our tour, and we were led by a marine biologist grad named Javier, who looked nothing like George Costanza. :) When Kate told him we were here for my birthday, he gave me a splash of water with his kayak paddle. Before getting to the bay, we had to paddle through mangroves. Because it was dark, we literally had to follow the kayak lights in front of us and use the moonlight. It was pretty darn awesome!

Tomorrow is our last full day here. :( We'll need to make the most of it!

Hasta manana!


John K

I really enjoy following your blog! Thanks for sharing. :)


Thanks! Heard the weather at home is not so good....

sandy l

jamie it sounds wonderful and i am travelling vacariously through your adventures...enjoy reading have a safe trip home