Your Flight Has Been Suspended....

Sunday, March 18, 2012
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
(In heavy, Pakistani accent).
"Hello, this message is for Jamie. Your flight on 3/28 to Barcelona from Chicago has been suspended. I recommend you call us to get a full refund.


This was the voice mail I received last Saturday, less than 3 weeks before my trip. way to get to Spain. Ok, fine. Refunds are good, but I still need to get to Spain. We have a problem here.  

I tried calling the number listed, but every time I got through to someone, my cell dropped the call. Grrrrrrr. Decided I might have better luck calling through Skype instead. It rings, and I get through. Ok, good. Meanwhile, other thoughts are flying through my head, like, are there other options? And if not, what will I end up paying to book a flight to Spain less than 21 days out?  

The woman with the airline said the flight was canceled for operational reasons, and there weren't other options. I remember reading that Pakistan airlines only flew out of Chicago on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so maybe this leg had been suspended? I didn't want to waste time asking lots of questions or worrying about this, as there was nothing I could do.  

 After getting my instructions for my refund, I started looking online for other flights. Not going on this trip did not seem like an option. I've invested time, money and emotions into making this trip happen. I figured I would make it happen anyway I could.  

Fortunately, I found a flight to leave and return on the same day, in and out of Milwaukee. I will have a layover in Atlanta and then fly to Barcelona via Air France. It was a little more expensive, but not too bad. I was actually expecting worse.  

So now it is 10 days until take off, and I can barely believe it. A lot is done, but there is still a lot to do!  

Adieu (Good bye in Catalonian),


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John K

I am excited to follow your travels again, but let's hope you do not have anymore surprises like that!


Yes, I agree!


That phone call must have gotten the adrenaline running!


Yeah, I was having a leisurely morning and that certainly kicked things into high gear!


I'm getting excited for you trip! There had better not be any more surprises. I am expecting pictures and a detailed account of this trip!


I will be blogging and post pics when I'm there! And no more surprises would be awesome...