Sunny Seville?

Tuesday, April 03, 2012
Seville, Andalusia, Spain and Canary Islands


  • If you're a female, you have to
    wear a scarf. Everyone wears them. I think it's a rule. I brought
    one scarf with me and bought three more in Barcelona. It doesn't matter what else I have on. As long as I have on a scarf, I'm golden.

  • Smoking is now banned in
    restaurants and cafes in Spain. I can't express how much I love
    this. When I was in Europe 10 years ago, everyone smoked,
    everywhere. It sucked. But from what I understand, most places in
    Europe do not allow smoking indoors. That's huge!

  • There is a saran-wrap-type thing
    around the toilets when I arrive at a new hotel. I'm assuming this
    means they have been cleaned, but I find it humorous. Was this a
    law passed by the King? “All toilets must be wrapped up at hotels
    to prove their cleanliness, or else!”
  • I'm noticing a lot of men wearing pink pants and shirts. It's just not a good look for them.
  • People on the tour are started to notice that I'm alone. But they are very nice and almost somewhat protective over me. Today, the Korean mom said, "I take picture of you, because I know you alone."  It was pretty cute. :)

It's raining and cats and dogs right now in Seville, which is odd as it's usually sunny . The rain did hold off at least until early evening, so we did get to tour the Maria Luisa Park and the Santa Cruz Barrio (Jewish Quarter) without rain. This afternoon I did a little shopping on my own, walked along the river, got lost in some older streets, had lunch and saw some great views of the city. I bought some fabulous pink sandals and a bottle of wine to bring home. Seville is a beautiful city, but I can't honestly say anyplace I have been here so far is ugly.

Tomorrow we leave at 7:15 am (double ugh!) for Granada, so my suitcase has to be in the hallway by 6:30 am. I am going to try to get to bed early tonight, but who knows if that will happen.
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Love the new sandals! Have you bought any new scarves? I think a nice scarf is always a good idea. =)

Btw- your photos are amazing!

Pam Ellingson

Great photos and blogging of your trip!


Thanks! I can't wear them as it's a little cool and rainy, but c'est la vie!


mary and i are truly enoying your pictures, comments on the various places you've been..Hola ???


Hola! Happy to share, and glad you are enjoying them!