Back in Barca

Friday, April 06, 2012
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and Canary Islands
My tour ended this afternoon in Barcelona, where everything began. I was only an 8-minute walk from the "4-star" hotel stop, which was nice. I'm guessing I looked into staying at the 4-star place and a) it was already booked up, or b) it was too expensive for my tastes. But the NH Numancia is very nice and will do great for one evening.

My flight leaves at 11:30 am tomorrow . If all runs smoothly, I will be home (in my house) by midnight. It's so weird that we gain that time back, not that I'm complaining.

After we arrived in Barca around 4:30, I took a quick shower and decided to head to Barceloneta, near Port Vell. This area was totally developed for the 1992 Olympics. I think they literally brought in sand to make nice beaches. It's a neat area with a boardwalk and shops and restaurants. I went to MarisCo near my old hostel for seafood soup and some bread. I did manage to not eat meat today in a county where jabon (ham) is king. I wonder if Spaniards skip it on Good Friday or during Lent? They do have the best ham in the world after is part of their diets, and Ana told us today that Spaniard women do live long lives. Hmmmmmm.

My goal is to get to sleep before 11 pm tonight, and I think that might happen. Right now I'm hoping my bag weighs less than 50 pounds. I did buy a bottle of red wine and some shoes and other trinkets, but nothing major. Speaking of stuff....the folks on my tour need to take some packing lessons from Rick Steves. Holy cats! Most of them had only one (very large) suitcase, but then bags and bags and bags of stuff. I am grateful that everything I do have I can carry on my own, fairly effortlessly.

I still have mixed feelings about leaving tomorrow. Definitely excited to get back into my routine and to sleep in my own bed and wear different clothes. But I will miss it here, too. I will ponder this more tomorrow.

Hasta manana!
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joe feliciano

your seafood soup looks like something i would commit a violent crime for!

aunt sandy

jamie have a safe flight home and happy Easter maryann and i have varcariously travelled Spain with you...we have both enjoyed your blogs take care and God ya


Joe, it was pretty darn good, especially when bread was dunked in it. :) Sandy, love you, too! Happy Easter to you and Lis!