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Saturday, April 07, 2012
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
I'm now in the U S of A! Not completely home, as I'm still in Atlanta for a few hours and then am getting picked up in Milwaukee. But there is something about being on American soil that always makes me feel safe and secure. It also might have something to do with flying several hours over a massive ocean.

The flight went relatively smooth, and I was able to get a window seat . The woman next to me was named Audrey, and she was lives in New Mexico. At the airport in Barcelona, I bought a few more things at the Duty Free shop, but my suitcase was only 19 kg, and I had 23 as my limit. Take that, Rick!

Since I have about 4 hours to kill, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the best and worsts of the trip. So here we go.....

Best Hotel:  Tryp Oceanic in Valencia. This was closer to a 4-star than a 3-star. Huge, clean and free wi-fi in the lobby.

Best Wi-fi access: This award goes to where it all began, my little room at Hostel Fernando in Barcelona. It was not only free, but the connection was strong and uploading pictures was super fast.

Greatest Little Annoyance: They don't use washcloths in Spain, or at least the hotels don't provide them. Some had sponges.

Best "Monument":  This would have to be a three-way tie among Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Mezquita in Cordoba and the Alhambra in Granada . All three were massive, amazing and made me awe-struck.

Best City:
Barcelona...big, but a great metro system to get around and has some older areas. I felt very comfortable and "at home" there.

Biggest Disappointment:  I might offend some people for saying this, but I have to say Seville. It wasn't that I didn't like it, but I was just expecting a little more, based on prior feedback. It probably didn't help that it down poured both nights we were there.

Places I wanted to spend more time:  Easily could've used another day in Granada and Madrid.

Best Water: I'm not talking about drinking water. No way, I always ordered the bottled stuff. The water in Madrid did wonders for my hair. Volume and shine like I have never seen.

Best Food: Now this might be impossible. Churros dipped in chocolate? The gellato? The tapas with stuffed olives? The paella in Valencia? The bread dipped in olive oil in almost every restaurant? The inexpensive, but very good red wine? The swordfish and seafood? The Moroccan food? The numerous cafe con leches? Can't pick just one!

Best Candy: OMG, Kinder Bueno candy bars are like heaven in your mouth . They are made in Germany I picked one up at a gas station just by chance, and brought some back home to share. Maybe,.... :)

Item I Did Not Need:
Couldn't went without the extra sundress. Otherwise, every other article of clothing I wore. Take that, Rickster.

Things I will Miss the most: The strolling, especially in the narrow alleys/streets. Meeting and talking to people. The wine and food. Chilling out for a cup of coffee in the middle of the afternoon. The historical churches and monuments. The palm trees and mountains.

Things I will not miss:  Eating dinner after 9 pm, seeing pig parts displayed all over like men in Florida showing off their trophy wives, paying for water everywhere, paying for grocery bags, not being able to go for runs.

There you have it! I'm getting sleepy as technically I would be going to sleep if I were still in Spain. I hope I don't feel like a truck hit me tomorrow.
Happy Easter!!

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Thanks! Feels good to be home!


It all sounds wonderful. All the things I love to do... And don't worry, I often offend people that my least favorite place during my 10-week back-packing trip of Europe was Florence. ;-)

Glad you had such a great time!

joe feliciano

what a fantastic trip!


It was a great trip! No complaints! :)


Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos. Now if only you could share all that wonderful food. Everything looked amazing.

And now back to Jamie and Emily weekend runs. I'm so glad you are back! I can't be expected to push myself.


It was amazing! Although I think I have consumed as many calories the last 2 days than I have consumed at 1 meal in Spain! :) Ate my boring turkey and cheese sandwich today and thought, this needs some olive oil.....