Post-Trip Things

Monday, April 30, 2012
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
It's been three weeks since I've been back from Spain. It's always hard coming back from an international trip - the jet lag, the culture shock, going back to work, etc. I was ready to come home, but once I was home, I started missing stuff about Spain. I did a taste test between the $5 olive oil I bought here and the stuff I brought back from Spain. comparison! I will admit that it is nice to not be eating as many bread/carbs, or eating dinner at 10:30 pm.   

Spain was everything I thought it would be . I really hope to get back and explore more of the country. My only regret is that I could not share those cool moments with someone else. So the trip made me think about taking solo trips in the future.  

People that I see are asking about the trip, and I think it's something I'm still processing. I often think those moments seem surreal when you are in them. Because life has been pretty crazy, I haven't had a whole lot of time to think about it. I still have not had a chance to upload all of my pics to Facebook! Someday it will happen.

And things will not slow down, as another trip awaits this week....More on that tomorrow. :)

Other Entries


Scott Bader

Hi Jamie. I'm glad you had a great time!! Wish I could take a trip with you someday!!


To like, The Bar East or something? :)

Emily Rogers

You should post all the trips you want to take and we'll sign up for the ones we want to tag along on. How does that sound? =) I need to get a passport!!!


Hey, works for me! And yes, you do need a passport!! :)