Pleasantly Surprised in PP

Thursday, May 03, 2012
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
We arrived in Puerto Plata!

Everything went smoothly at the airport, and our driver named "Nelson Mandela" was easy to find . It was a bit overcast when we got outside. We asked Nelson where the beer was, so we stopped at a roadside store and took it to go. I mainly wanted to beat the Cheap Caribbean tourist drunks at the reception area. As soon as we picked up some Presidente beer (Made here), I said, "vamanos, Nelson Mandela!!"  He just laughed. He said it has been raining the last two days, but in the morning the sun is out. I'm guessing his name was not really Nelson Mandela. Or maybe it was??

PP is very pretty, especially with the mountain, It reminds me a lot of Costa Rica. We arrived at the Lifestyles Resort and realized we are staying in the Cofresi area. This place is huge! Shuttles and golf carts will take you where you need to go. We got the yellow bracelets, too. We checked in and got into our room, which is in "Building 41."  Wow, we were pleasantly surprised! The room is huge and the bathroom is even more huge. It's clean and seems modern. We are both really pleased with it . I think we might have been upgraded, as it's pretty quiet around here.

We took a walk around the grounds and talked to a couple from New York who have been here all week. They gave us some pointers on where to go to breakfast (Pearl) and which beach to try to park it at (VIP). We're discovering the liquor is pretty low-quality, but we're hoping the VIP beach has better stuff. Although I did not think my diet 7 and rum this afternoon was too bad. Then again, what do you expect for $12 a day?

Our dinner reservations were at an Asian fusion place, which was so-so. At this point we were so hungry that McDonald's probably would've tasted awesome. I'm hoping tomorrow we can go to the Brazilian restaurant.

Because I was up at 1:30 am, I'm feeling pretty tired. Tomorrow we hope to get up early, snag breakfast and some sun before the afternoon clouds roll in.

Hasta manana!



Looks beautiful! Stay out of trouble! ;)
PS- I like Tara's shirt! :)

joe feliciano

i have always been suspicious of travelzoo -- NEVER AGAIN! looks like you scored! have a b last!


Sounds great! I highly recommend you try the Mamajuana. Yum! We also found the DR to be similar to Costa Rica. Enjoy!


looks like a real deal...all looks pretty nice...enjoy your time in DR...hasta la vista globetrotter!!!


Yes, so far it has been very worth it. We are probably going to "splurge" and buy a bottle of good vodka and then just mix it with stuff at the pool. We can't stomach this cheap stuff. haha