Sunshiny Day

Friday, May 04, 2012
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Today was fairly sunny for the most part. The clouds rolled in during the late afternoon, but not after we got in some good sun time.

We got up at 7:30 and went to eat breakfast at The Pearl . The food was decent. As long as I have some fresh fruit, bread and coffee, I'm good. Juan Carlos (not really his name), the time share guy who checked us in yesterday, hunted us down and kidnapped (loose term) us in a golf cart after we were eating. He took us to the time share type office where another Juan Carlos (not really his name, either) tried getting us to upgrade to VIP status. We flat out told him it wasn't going to happen and he pretty much gave up on us right away. Score - bring on the sun.

Lunch was also at The Pearl, and I discovered some rice and beans that reminded me of Puerto Ricon/Costa Rican fare. It was quite good. We sat out by three different pools today. One of the bartenders said it was packed here last week, so we are here at a good time. The grounds are kept up very well, and the pools are clean. But we discovered we still couldn't drink the liquor/gasoline. After an afternoon siesta, we got ready for dinner at Bellini. You can't go wrong with Italian, right? Well ....the bread and olive oil were good. :) Actually, my margarita pizza was also pretty tasty. Tara could not eat her seafood alfredo and said the smell of it alone was not very good. We took care of that by stopping at the hotel shop for chips, some soda and a Twix bar (my dessert). I'm guessing we will venture off the resort one of these nights if we don't get in at the Brazilian place.

We also purchased a bottle of Absolut vodka. We didn't think it would come down to this, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Both of us got a little red, and I have some lovely stripes of white and pink on my arms. In spite of the bad liquor and mediocre food, I still think it's worth $12 a day. :)

Hasta manana!