Ice, Ice Baby

Friday, March 08, 2013
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
I'm not too crazy about Vanilla Ice's biggest hit, but I think I will be pretty crazy about Iceland - very excited it's my next place of adventure! 

A lot of people have asked...why Iceland? And i say, why not?  

 Here are my 10 reasons, in no particular order. 

1. Iceland is safe. Once again, I'm going solo on this one. The cops, except at the airport, don't even carry guns. I'm more worried about getting stuck in a snow drift with my rental car, or hitting a sheep, than getting attacked or mugged by an Icelander. 

2. Iceland is affordable. Or, I should say, it's more affordable than it used to be, before their economy took a dive in 2008. This will not be a cheap trip by any means. The tax on the rental car (25%!) is enough to make my head spin. 

3. Iceland is close.  It's a mere 5 hour-flight from Washington D.C. - definitely not as far as Spain, China or Australia. 

4. Iceland has adventure. I'm not an outdoorsy nature freak by any means, but every day seems like it will be an adventure. Waterfalls, fjords, black sand beaches, geothermal pools, glacial lagoons, glaciers, mountains, national parks, horseback rides...and that's just the beginning. 

5. Iceland is hot.  The weather will definitely not be hot, but Reykjavik (rake-ya-veek), the capital, is a small city with a big, cosmopolitan feel. It has a major nightlife, with its residents partying until the wee hours of the morning. 

6. Iceland is who I am.  I'm reading that Icelanders show a lot of respect toward women and are progressive when it comes to energy and technology. People don't really believe in "titles," and everyone is addressed by first name.  

7. Iceland is off the beaten path. I have spoken to plenty of people who have been to Iceland, but no where near the amount of people who have been to other places. It's a hot destination, but still a bit off the beaten path.  

8. Iceland is for foodies.  I'm excited to try the lobster at Fjorubordid, the famous pylsur stand, coffee at Cafe Mokka, and "the best food you will ever have" at the Linden Bistro.

9. Iceland is healthy. Clean air, clean energy, clean water and active lifestyles make Icelanders some of the healthiest people in the world. Life expectancy is 81.5 years.  

10. Iceland is for everyone.  I have not read one bad travel review of Iceland. People love it, and often wish they had more time to spend there.   

There you have it. Take off is in five weeks. But who's counting?  


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This is so cool! I have heard that Iceland is just gorgeous. Can't wait to follow your adventure!


I'm very excited, Jenn!!

Sue Moore

I'd like to follow with my third graders.....try to keep it appropriate??!! hee-hee


I will try, but no guarantees!


So excited for you! Iceland is on my travel list as well, so I'm looking forward to your adventures. If I'm able to travel this fall, maybe that's where we'll decide to go! Looking forward to reading about your trip. Cheers~

Scott Bader

I just returned from snowmobiling (my new passion) in Powers, there. :)


I should go to iceland one day, i wonder how far it is from australia?

Does that mean you wont come back Australia?


well, my yard is 'iceland' right now.....

So excited for you, sounds like a fantastic place to visit!


Looking forward to your updates!!!

Aunt Sandy

well jamie here you go againon another adventure...I will follow along and may see you before your departure as I am planning a trip to Wisconsinland in the near future..take care and much love

Wendy Spice

Sounds like you're in for a great adventure. I'm looking forward to your travel posts from Iceland. It's always fun to hear about your adventures!