6 Crazy Nights

Monday, April 01, 2013
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
One thing is for certain - I will be moving around A LOT on this trip.  

World traveler Rick Steves suggests to stay at least two nights at a hotel . It gives you a chance to settle in more and catch your breath. Rick also thinks women should be able to travel with only two pair of shoes (good one!), so I will take his advice with a grain of salt. I can definitely see what he is saying, but sometimes staying two nights in a place can't be helped. 

Because I lose a night on my way there (overnight flight), I will only be in Iceland for six nights. That's not nearly enough time to drive Rte 1 (the "Ring Road") around the whole country, so I had to pick and choose a bit. I want to see a lot, but not rush so much that I really don't see anything, if that makes sense. 

Weather permitting and fingers crossed, this is my plan of attack. 

Friday, April 12: Arrive in Keflavik at 6:30 am. Gather my bags, get a rental car and head to Reykjavik for one night. Spend the day exploring Reyk, check out a local geothermal pool, eat some Plokkfiskur (an Icelandic delicacy), drink some coffee, eat a hotdog at the famous Bæjarins beztu pylsur, explore, shop and wander . I will stay in the city center.

Saturday, April 13: After checking out the National Library and Kolaportið (flea market), I will drive 5 hours east to the glacial lagoon, Jokulsarlon. This is supposed to be amazing, a "must do" in Iceland, and well worth the 5 hours, one way. There will also be stops along the way, from waterfalls to lava fields that look like church floors. I will stay at a small guesthouse about 10 minutes from the lagoon, so I can check it out at sunset and sunrise. 

Sunday, April 14: The plan is to head west, back toward Reykjavik, but not quite (4 hours). I will head toward the "Golden Circle," a culmination of three popular Icelandic attractions. On this night, I will stay in a small guesthouse in Laugervatn (only 3 rooms available) near the circle. 

Monday, April 15: Hopefully, after seeing the circle attractions, I will make my way toward the Snæfellsnes Peninsula (2 .5 hour drive) in western Iceland (north of Reykjavik). This area is called "miniature Iceland" because it offers, in a small area, a lot of Iceland as a whole. This was one of the reasons I chose to spend some time here. I will stay at a gistihof (guesthouse) in the southern part of peninsula.  

Tuesday, April 16: I will make my way around the peninsula and spend some time exploring Snæfellsnes National Park. Then, I will make my way toward the cute harbor town of Stykkishólmur, where I will actually stay in the same hotel for two nights.  

Wednesday, April 17: Am hoping on this day I can explore the town and take the ferry to Flatey Island.  

Thursday, April 18: My last day. After checking out, I will make my way back toward Reykjavik (2 hours). I will continue toward the airport, but not before making a stop at the famous Blue Lagoon. My flight leaves at 5 pm. 

It should be an interesting adventure!  


aunt sandy

jamie, I love your desire to explore and not let the grass grow under your feet.. take care on your trip and i will look forward to your posts


Thanks, Sandy! Too bad I won't be able to see you before I leave, but hopefully I will soon!