Getting Closer...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States
On Sunday, I arrived in Washington D.C. ! I am here for a work conference until tomorrow, and then I take off for Iceland!

I was here for the same conference two years ago, and at that time I got some sightseeing in . So far all has been going well. I've attended some good sessions and have connected with some potential speakers, which is always a good thing. The Guesthouse where I'm staying is adorable (not to mention half the price of the Hilton!), and it feels like a home. Other librarians from the conference are staying here, too.  

At some point I need to get to the campus mall and get pics of the cherry blossoms, which are peaking right now. I also want to see the reflecting pool (closed last time) and the MLK Jr Memorial (not ready last time). The weather has been great, upper 80s and sunny, which will be huge contrast from Iceland. But I'm ready!  

Take off is tomorrow night at 8:30 pm. After a 5.5 hour flight, I will be there!  



So cool that you are there during cherry blossom peak season! Have fun in Iceland!

aunt Sandy

looks like agreat time in DC..I always wanted to be there when the cherry blossoms were in bloom. Glad you are having a good time and great weather. Have a wonderful time in safe..enjoy..and of course I will look forward to your you..your old aunt sandy


So are you leaving for Iceland from DC?


Yes, tomorrow night!