Slowing Down

Monday, April 15, 2013
Laugarvatn, Iceland
I arrived in Laugarvatn yesterday afternoon. It's an adorable little lake town (vatn means water) near Gullfoss and Geysir. I went to the Fontana geothermal baths, which felt great in the wind. I couldn't believe how windy it was yesterday. It was unbelievable, and pretty rare I guess.  

I made some stops on the way back from Jokulsarlon, where I also picked up a coca-cola at a gas station . I guess Icelanders drink more than anyone in the world, and it tastes better because of their clean water. I've noticed they like to do a lot of the "more than anyone in the world" thing. :)

Because of the wind, they were unable to do the rye bread tour, which is ok. It was still awesome to sit in the hot pot, the sauna and steam rooms. It's amazing how all of this is heated geothermally. And, of course they had the same showering rules. I do get this. Their pools do not have chemicals or chlorine like ours do, so they don't want people/tourists stinking up their pools. I get it, and even respect it. I guess Icelanders get pretty up in arms when they see tourists not following the rules, so....

I had dinner at Linden, which serves "the best chocolate mousse." I thought it was good in that it had watermelon in it and raspberry sauces. The best? Not sure about that, but what do I know. My room at Galleri is stunning . The bed is the nicest one I have ever slept on. It's a small inn with three bedrooms (two other couples) and we share a bathroom. I was fine with this until I didn't feel well after dinner. Not sure what it was, but let's just say I was hugging that porcelain bowl pretty tightly. Yeah, it was awesome. I took some medicine, and now (Monday morning), feel ok. Not sure what brought it on, as before dinner I was feeling queasy. 

 I'm taking it as a sign that I need to slow down a bit. I tend to pack in a lot on a trip, and I can't always do that. I need sleep, and last night was the first night I got a good night's rest. So today, I'm going to take it easy. Get to what I can, and just go with it. This is hard for me, but I need to do it.  

I'm making my way up to Snaefellsness Peninsula, where there was a bad snowstorm. I have been in touch with the innkeeper and she said today it is better. So...I'm going to try! If it's too bad, I will make alternate plans.  

Until next time....


aunt sandy

good idea...slow down a bit and relax a little on your "vacation"...You already have packed so much in to your self-directed tour so you can surely take a little time for some rest and ya...enjoy


Hey - can you pick me up an Icelandic refrigerator magnet please?