Sunny in Snaefellsness

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Stykkishólmur , Iceland
Yesterday (Tuesday) was a brilliantly sunny day for driving around the Snaefellsness (Sni-fells-ness) Peninsula. I did make several stops at some sights for some what I hope to be are great pictures that capture everything I saw.  

  I'm kind of worried I'm starting to take all this scenery for granted, or that when I get home I'll just expect to see mountains or glaciers on the side of every road . I hope Icelanders realize how beautiful it is here. One thing I do miss are the trees. But I suppose if you aren't used to them, you don't know what you are missing?  

Another thing that was crazy was the landscape and how it changed. I couldn't get over how, when staying at Guesthouse Hof, there was a ton of snow, but when driving, there wasn't any. The weather can really hit in pockets and leave other places untouched.  

I stopped in Olafsvik for some soup and to recharge. There was also an adorable bakery, open since 1958, where I bought a sukkuladidulla (sick-ooh-lah-did-ooh-lah), which means "chocolate cutie,' the woman told me. It was so good! Their baked goods are really quite tasty here.  

One thing I do not see a lot of is solo travelers, especially women. I see friends and couples. I think it's an expensive place to travel alone, and not to pat myself on the back too much, but it's also kind of a rugged place to visit on your own. The windy days are enough to drive you a little bat-shit crazy, and some of the roads feel very desolate. If I came back, which I would like to, I'd drag someone along. 

Now I'm staying in Stykkisholmur (stick-ish-hol-mer), another cute harbor town on the northern part of the peninsula. My room at Hotel Egilsen is adorable. I'm guessing this place is old, but has been renovated, because there is a ton of character. I will have to take some pictures of the dining area/entrance. After breakfast today, I will probably go to the local geothermal pool to sit in the hot pot. I'm really starting to get used to that. The woman at the inn told me that water is so pure that a lot of people don't shower when they leave because it has healing benefits to the skin. Then I will explore the town a bit. My goal is to do very little (if any driving). I need a break from long times in the car!  


aunt sandy

enjoying my vicarious Icelandic travels from my computer while sipping coffee and eating a plain old donut...not a delicious looking "chocolate cutie" enjoy your day and have a safe trip ya


Maybe I can learn to make them, Sandy!

Sherri Valitchka

Really fantastic pictures!


I'll take a grey horse! Thanks Jamie! But seriously, these photos are beautiful. I think it will be hard to adjust to GB scenery after having all of this wonderful nature to look at.