I Spy a Seal

Friday, April 19, 2013
Ijamsville, MD, Maryland, United States
I'm back on U.S. soil ! 

The flight to DC went well, and the plane was probably only half full, so I got the whole exit row to myself . My friend Cher picked me up at Dulles (where customs took awhile) and let me stay at her house, which was super nice. In about an hour, we'll leave for the airport so I can catch my flight back home.  

When I went to the post office to pick up stamps on Wednesday in Stykk, the woman asked if I had seen any seals, because I had chosen seal stamps. I said no, and she showed me on the map where they hang out. It happened to be a beach near Guesthouse Hof, and I was mad I wasn't aware of this. I thought on my way back yesterday that I could make a little detour.

The beach was called Ytri-Tunga, and it was down a small, pot--holed road. I parked and made my way down the snowy track. It was stunning, again with with black rocks, pebbles, snow and glistening blue water. I was about to leave when I heard some splashing pretty far out, and indeed, it was a seal popping up its head. I could hear the sounds, which was pretty cool. Also saw some pretty cool wildlife .  

I made my way back to Reykjavik and stopped at The Blue Lagoon before going back to the airport. It's probably Iceland's biggest attraction and the biggest tourist trap. It is pretty, but the water is run-off from a local plant. There is also silica-like mud that you can rub on your face, which I did (and of course, buy it for $100 in the gift shop). Honestly, I liked the local pools better, where the actual Icelanders go. Most people who live in Iceland have never been to the Lagoon, but I thought it would be nice to go.  

After that, I dropped off my car, tried not to pass out too much from the final price ( it actually wasn't too bad) and then checked in. I'm pretty tired, so it will be nice to get home. More then...



aunt sandy

beautiful pictures and welcome home


Almost, Sandy! En route to Chicago and then Green Bay. Will be nice!


Welcome back! Your trip sounded truly amazing and your pictures are wonderful for us to look at, can only imagine how awesome it was to really be there. Glad you are getting through the airports today with all the craziness going on.