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Sunday, August 18, 2013
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
Two weeks from today, Jen and I will be taking off from O'Hare to Shannon International, near Limerick. Some of you have asked what we plan on doing when we're not conferencing, so I will share some of the highlights. 

Ring of Kerry: This circular route of beauty in southwest Ireland is undeniably one of the country's most popular attractions. It's so popular that tour buses have to drive it clockwise and cars are encouraged to go the other way. Hopefully, if we get an early start, that won't be an issue for us. 

King John's Castle, Limerick: Built between 1200 and 1210, this castle along the Shannon River was recently renovated and reopened in June. We have tickets already.

St. Mary's Cathedral: Limerick's oldest building, and one of the oldest churches in Ireland, this cathedral dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, was built in 1168! Jen and I love seeing old cathedrals, and might even try to catch a weekday mass.    

Roller Jam: Yeah, we're gonna get our skates on. I saw this place on a site of "Limerick's 50 Things to Do," and because Jen and I both love roller skating, we can't pass this up. Roller Jam has an awesome Facebook page and open skate times with skate rentals included. They also serve wine....

Cliffs of Moher: Pronounced "more," this is Ireland's most visited natural attraction, according to its website. And it's easy to see why. The cliffs extend for 5 miles along the Atlantic Coast and look incredible in pictures. The plan is going here late Friday afternoon as soon as the conference ends. Tickets already are purchased, so I hope we make it! :)

The Milk Market- Basically a farmers market, and it got great reviews on Trip Advisor. The best day to go is Saturday, and we plan on visiting before heading off to Edinburgh. 

Edinburgh Castle: This fortress in the Old Town of Edinburgh is one of Scotland's top attractions, and it looks pretty incredible. We also have tickets already, as I understand the lines to buy them for entrance can be long.  
Arthur's Seat: A hill fort in Edinburgh, it's supposed to provide amazing views of the city. Folks who reviewed it on Trip Advisor said it's quite a hike, but the best time to climb and take pics is at sunrise or sunset.   
Trinity College and Library: Our time in Dublin is very limited, so at the very least I'm hoping we can visit Ireland's oldest college built in 1532 and the famous library containing the famous manuscript, the Book of Kells. 
Of course, this is just a snapshot. I'm still working on visiting pubs and restaurants and other little places to sight see. And of course, when in Ireland/Scotland, the pub experience is something of its own. Both countries are physically beautiful, but I think what also makes them special is the people, which I have found with most places I have visited. 

We're both super excited to go and can't wait to share more once we are there.
Thanks for following along!

- Jamie 


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aunt sandy

i am excited to see your pictures and follow your journey....enjoy


Me too, Sandy!