Look to the Right, Stay to the Left

Monday, September 02, 2013
Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland
Look to the Right, Stay to the Left
Look to the Right, Stay to the Left
Look to the Right, Stay to the Left

I think Jen and and I will both be reciting this in our sleep . We had a long but smooth day of travel on Sunday. The layover in Philly was a bit long, but we entertained ourselves at some bars and talking to some folks. Neither of us got a ton of sleep on the flight to Limerick, but we pressed on today. After collecting our rental car, we had an interesting learning curve of driving - or Jen did, I should say. I am merely the navigator, positive reinforcer, sheep and cow watcher and passenger to let her know when she might clip stuff on the left side of the car. Roundabouts are clockwise and also a bit of a b*tch. She did very well, and I give her a ton of credit, She's not only driving on the opposite side, but also driving stick shift with her left hand instead of her right. She got more used to it as the day went on, and I think tomorrow will feel more comfortable with it.

After stopping for a cup of coffee in Abbeyfeale, we arrived at our hotel in the small town of Kenmare, called the Limestone Lodge. It's a cute place with a homey feel and only 4 guest rooms . Maria, the co-owner, is a very sweet lady. After a much, much-needed shower, Jen Skyped home and then we were off to explore the town. Everything is tight and in the town square, which is shaped like a triangle. I stopped at Quills to buy a handmade wool scarf. We saw Holy Cross Church, built in 1854, and then climbed over the Cromwell Bridge. Yes, climbed over (look at the pic!). After some wandering, we had a quiet dinner at Davitt's. I had swordfish and Jen had a burger and we washed our food down with some Irish cider ale.  

Tomorrow is another long day of driving and seeing sights on the Ring of Kerry. It should be pretty spectacular, and then we'll head back to Limerick for the conference. So far, Ireland is what I have pictured. Very green, very friendly, very hilly. I look forward to what's to come!

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Katie G

So beautiful! (And so jealous!) Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

Audrey Perry

Wow, looks fabulous! Thanks for posting!

Kathy Cleven

This is wonderful! I am enjoying the journal and the beautiful pictures!