No Stamp

Sunday, September 08, 2013
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
We made it to Edinburgh!!

Our Aer Lingus flight was very smooth and only 1 .5 hours from Shannon airport. When we arrived, we sadly discovered that because we were coming from an EU country, we didn't have to go through customs, which meant no passport stamp. :( Maybe on the way out....

We caught the airlink bus to the city center and had to catch another one close to our guesthouse. But after trying that, in the dark, decided to cab it for 8 pounds. Teviotdale House is super cute. The neighborhood bars were no longer serving food, so we went to this pizza/fries/haggis/kebab place and ate our pizza standing up. Hey,..whatever works! Then we had a glass of wine at Leslie's Bar, a lovely old bar built in the 1890s.  

Lots in store today, so I better get moving! More pics to come.



Kate G

Enjoy! :-)