Number Six

Monday, February 17, 2014
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
In April, I will get to my sixth continent, South America. I went to Costa Rica in 2010, but technically that is considered Central America. 

I decided that Colombia would be the place to visit in South America, along with 4 nights in Panama City, Panama. Why these places?  

1) Both are affordable. Compared to recent trips I have taken, these countries will seem more reasonable on my pocket book. With the exception of Cartegena, I've been able to secure private rooms with a bathroom for $40 or less per night. Taxis are cheap and abundant in Panama City, and Colombia has an excellent and affordable busing system. 

2) Both are up and coming. Colombia has a large police presence and has cleaned itself up considerably in the last few years. Problems still exist, but the country is gaining more and more tourists. Panama is also coming into its own since the Panama Canal is now under its ownership. 

3) Both are diverse. Panama is supposed to be one of the most beautiful countries in Central America, and Colombia, with the Andes, the Amazon, the Caribbean, the beaches and the coffee, also doesn't disappoint.  

4) Both have friendly people. Panamanians are very proud, and Colombians were named the happiest people on earth in 2013. 

I'm still in the planning stages of what I will do, but am discovering new things about both of these places the more they are researched. I'm excited for what's to come! 

- Jamie

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when are you going to antarctica?


When I win the lottery, or get a huge raise. You wanna go? :)


Love it! Looking forward to reading about your adventures.


Me too, Carrie! Starting to really get excited!

Scott Bader

How exciting! It's not Oahu, but it should be fun!


It will be more exciting!