Tired in Cartagena

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Cartagena, Colombia
Last night I was going to write, but I was so tired that I passed out with the lights on and my laptop still on my lap. To be honest, I could easily sleep another 8 hours today and not wake up. I had a feeling at some point I would hit this stage of exhaustion from all the traveling and moving, and I thought it would happen sooner. 

Yesterday morning I bid farewell to Nestor and Maria Luiz in Manizales . They were such sweet people, and I really felt like I was staying with my parents in another country. They told me to come back anytime and I took a photo with them, as well as one with just the two of them. I arrived at the cute airport in Manizales and took a 40-minute flight to Bogota and another 60 minute flight to Cartagena. Of course, my backpack did not make it with me. Luckily, it was on the next flight and I would have it in the afternoon. I couldn't tell if my bag would be delivered or if I had to come and get it, so I called my homestay and Tara interpreted for me that we could come back and get it.  

 After that, I took a taxi to my homestay of Walter and Tara on the beach. (I did not take an airport taxi as Walter warned me they are money hungry, and he was right. They tried charging me more, so I walked across the street and found one who was cheaper). They have a beautiful penthouse apartment that overlooks the water. Tara was so nice and offered me fresh mango juice and even offered me lunch . It was nice to be able to converse in English with someone. In the afternoon, we went back to get my bag and then I did a much-needed load of laundry.  

Did I mention Cartagena is hot like Panama City? It definitely has a more Caribbean feel and look to it than traditional Colombia. Tara said they are trying to make it more international, and it is Colombia's most visited city. Being hot, it also means that I sweat profusely when outside, as most people do. I don't want to make it sound like I'm the only one who gets warm, as even Walter and Tara said it was a warm day.  

I decided to head to the Old City which is surrounded by an old wall and has spectacular buildings and churches. It reminds me a lot of Old Town in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I took a "collectivo" which is a shared taxi, and a bit cheaper. Unfortunately, I got out of the taxi in the Getsemani area of the Old City, which is a bit more shady. I was like, WTH, I thought this was the pretty area? Once I got my bearings straight, I headed toward the more pretty area and saw all the tourists. haha. I wandered around and took some photos and grabbed a great pizza at a place called La Diva. It was one of the best I have ever had. I took a cab back to my room and ended up passing out just as I was about to write.  

Not sure what I will do today. Things got a bit messed up from yesterday as far as timing, so I will have to play that by ear.

Thanks for reading !