Arrival in Switzerland

Friday, November 13, 2009
Trélex, Vaud, Switzerland
At 10:00 the Air France flight took off for Geneva. By this time the sky was clear and we flew right over Paris. I would see the Arc de Triomphe, and the Dome of the Invalides very clearly. I could even pick out the street corner where one of my usual hotels is located. It was cloudy and clear in patches on the way to Switzerland. The Jura Mountains to the west of Geneva were clear, and lightly powdered with snow, as we descended. Lake Geneva (as we call it in English – the Swiss usually call it Lac Léman, a name that dates from the Roman Empire), was covered in clouds as was Geneva itself. Beyond the lake the snow-covered Alps were starkly visible against a bright blue sky.

We flew the long approach from north to south over the lake, descending into the clouds as we did so, it was rather gloomy on the ground as we touched down. At the gate, an immigration agent checked our passports even before we entered the airport proper. Then they were checked properly at the immigration desks. My suitcase arrived in good shape, and I walked through customs to where Jean-Pierre Vernaud was waiting for me in the arrival area. We walked over to the underground rail station in the airport and bought my ticket, allowing us just enough time to get in the train to Geneva Cornavin station (the central station). There we had about a fifteen minute wait for the omnibus train that headed north toward Lausanne. The few minutes to our stop were pleasant; we could see the lake off and on as we rode. We left the train at Versoix, and pulled the suitcase a few hundred meters to where the car was parked – the Vernauds used to live here and know where to park for free. Then we drove a few km north to the shopping center at Chavannes where we stopped for lunch.

We caught up on the news over lunch and then drove on to the little village of Trélex, above Nyon. The Vernauds have a traditional Swiss farmhouse, part of which they have set up as a B&B. They very kindly make a room available for me when I'm in the region. I got settled in and rested a bit. And around 4:00 we took their dog Loupi (from lupus or loup, Latin and French respectively for wolf) for a walk through the vinyards and farm fields near their house. It was a cool but pleasant and clear evening. Loupi ran through the fields, dug for rodents, and had to be called back from chasing the horses and riders we encountered. In spite of the noise we could hear from the highway out toward the clearly-visible lake, it was a restful walk. We arrived back in the house around 5:30 and had dinner around 7:00. We talked of many things: school, and jobs and retirement (Mr. Vernaud recently retired), Church history, the B&B, current affairs in our church, the swine flu, international relations and prophecy, to name a few.

By the time we finished dinner I was quite tired so I retired about 9:00 and am hoping for a good night's sleep.

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Mary Hendren

Hi Joel,

Just noticed your blog. How lovely it must have been staying with the Vernauds and enjoying stimulating discussion. We always enjoy traveling along vicariously. Thanks for the effort of keeping a blog.