A day of rest in Paris

Saturday, August 19, 2017
Paris, Île-de-France, France
This morning we slept till mid-morning then rose to have coffee. At noon we had a lunch which was a wonderful repeat of last night’s dinner, minus the wine. Our ministry never drinks any alcohol before speaking in a church service, based on the principle of Leviticus 10:9 which states that the Levites were to drink no alcohol before serving in the Tabernacle (on pain of death!).
At 12:30 I called an Uber car, and we made the 15 minute trip to the hotel where we usually hold our monthly service in Paris. We arrived a little before 1:00 pm, so we had an hour to set up the hall and make other preparations.
Shortly before 2:00 our congregants arrived, we greeted everyone warmly and caught up on news. One man who comes 150 miles by train to attend had phoned to say the train was late and he would arrive about 2:30, so we waited for him. It’s a small group and with him coming all that way, it would be disappointing to miss a large part of the service. We talked while waiting, a much appreciated part of days of rest we can spend together.
We finally started our service a little after 2:30. We sang hymns, prayed and I gave a news update about work in the HQ office as well as work in the French Department. Then we continued on to a sermon about the miracles recounted in the gospel of John that prove Jesus was/is the Son of God. After the service, I answered a few Bible questions that came up, some from the sermon and some from personal study. I’m always happy to receive such questions, because they are an obvious proof that people are studying the Bible and thinking about what they read. I wish we had many more such questions.
Our three young ladies had brought snacks for us to eat, nuts, brownies (yes, brownies have made it to France!) and fruit juices. This added an extra touch to the day.
About 5:30 our friend from the late train had to leave to catch his hopefully-on-time, train home. Then at 6:00 we all needed to leave since that was the limit of our hall rental. We kissed each other on both cheeks as is the custom in France, and said we looked forward to seeing each other at the Feast of Tabernacles in Calais. Marjolaine and I took another Uber back to the hotel where we enjoyed a pleasant dinner, and reminisced about our history in France. Some of the young ladies in Paris, now mature baptized members, we have known since they were little girls. We’re not getting any younger!
I had left tomorrow, Sunday, free in case there were any requests for visits or advice, but none have come, so we will have a free day in Paris tomorrow. We’ve decided we’ll visit the Conciergerie, which is a long but doable walk from our apartment. Even after all these years, Marjolaine has never seen it and it’s very important historically. 

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Ken Treybig

Sounds like a wonderfully enjoyable Sabbath!

Mary Hendren

Happy you had a peaceful Sabbath. Looking forward to learning about the Conciergerie.