Down in Lomé

Saturday, February 03, 2018
Lome, Maritime Region, Togo
I slept only fitfully through the night to this Sabbath morning when I woke feeling quite bad. I had a fairly continuous deep cough and a scratchy throat. Regrettably I called to let the group know I wouldn’t be able to come. I think I’m contagious now and there are young children and older people among the congregation; I wouldn’t want to risk transmitting anything.
As I recall this is the first time I’ve missed a service while travelling in Africa since the late 90s, when a memorable roaring stomach bug kept me in my room.
Later in the morning before their service, Guy came to the hotel bringing vitamin C, an antibiotic, and lemon juice and honey. The latter he called grandma’s old remedy. I told him we use the same in the States. We chatted briefly in the lobby and then I headed back upstairs. I spent the day resting, reading, and writing.

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Eddie&Sandra Johnson

Sorry to be reading about your different problems over the last few days. We are supporting you with prayer in the hope that the rest of the trip is smoother.

Ken Treybig

So sorry to hear you are ill. Praying for your quick recovery and a good rest of the trip!

Mary Hendren

Sorry about the sickness and will pray about your recovery.