Still down in Lomé

Sunday, February 04, 2018
Lome, Maritime Region, Togo
Today again we had hoped again to be able to meet, but I was still strongly coughing and didn’t have much voice, so even if we had gotten together, I wouldn’t have been able to communicate very much. Guy came to the hotel in the morning with his wife Odette. He was on his way to Dakar for a UN-sponsored conference on improving medicine delivery in sub-Saharan Africa, she was driving him to the airport. We chatted for a few minutes. We all expressed regret that we weren’t able to get together, but these things sometimes happen.
We looked forward to my next visit later in the year. Then we parted company and said au revoir, until we see each other again. I again spent the rest of the day resting, reading and writing. I’m thankful I was able to get a very good price on a comfortable hotel for this stay. When on is sick in Africa, it really doesn’t help morale or recovery to stay in a marginal hotel. I don’t mind that when I’m well, but when I’m ill, it’s comforting to be comfortable and at ease.
I trust I shall be well enough tomorrow to travel on to my last African stop: Cameroon.

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Margaret Villaescusa

Hope you are feeling better very soon. Air travel is not fun when you are sick. Praying for speedy and safe travels and healing.

Tom Clark

So sorry to hear you are sick. The pressurization in an aircraft can be painful when you are congested and those little tubes down from the ears are plugged. We pray God will heal and strengthen you.

Marguerite Evans

Sorry to hear you're still sick, but somewhat comforted to know that you found a better hotel to rest. We certainly hope that a comfortable hotel will contribute to a quicker recovery so you can go on to Cameroon and visit the brethren there. Our prayers are with you.

Mary Hendren

We will pray about your improvement and flight to Cameroon, that everything will fall into place with your plans.