Last days in Mauritius and travel home

Monday, April 16, 2018
Plano, Texas, United States
Sabbath we arrived at the Prodigues’ house a little before 10:00 so we could start on time. I was happy to see that Jocelyn could walk with less difficulty that during our last visit. It’s still slow, but he’s more stable and can move more quickly, all of which is encouraging.
We caught up on our news, it was truly very nice to see everyone, and then started our service. We sang hymns and prayed and I gave a long news update about work in the office as well as what had transpired on this trip so far. Then I spoke on the topic of “Going on to perfection” as we read in the list of fundamental Church doctrines in Hebrews chapter 6. Mrs. Laroche had to leave shortly after the service, she’s still recovering from a surgery (which went well).
Mrs. Prodigue served us a fine lunch and we ate slowly and talked for quite a while. We talked about world events and possible prophetic reverberations, about Church history, and about our own personal stories. Saloni has recently started working once again, back at her old job, which she had left to care for Joscelyn full time. But other help has come available to care for him during the day, so she can work once again.
The fellowship was much appreciated. Later as we sat on the terrace we had a cup of coffee to finish the meal, and we talked until the end of the afternoon. We agreed to meet again Sunday; the Prodigues invited us to lunch at a local Indian restaurant.
Sunday morning, Marjolaine had one last swim in the pool, before we repacked our bags for the long trip home. We checked out just before noon and headed to the Prodigues’ home once again. Leaving our suitcases in their house so we’d have room for four in the tiny car, we drove down to the south coast to the restaurant where I’ve eaten with them before. We had a lovely lunch, Tika Masala for me, a veg curry for my better half and talked over the food.
Back at their house we had a lovely cup of coffee, and talked some more, until we needed to leave to begin the process of departing from Mauritius. I had to fill the tank, and we had to drop the car before heading in the terminal to check in. Then we went through immigration and security to access the departure lounge. Air Mauritius code shares some flights with Air France, so we were able to use their lounge which is quite nice. The food offered reflects the diverse influences on Mauritian cuisine: French, Indian, Chinese; African.
The Air France flight boarded starting at 19:00 and we took off on time at 20:00 (8:00 pm). It was a 12 hour flight to Paris; that’s a long time to be in an airplane, even a comfortable one. Arriving in Paris after 06:00 local time, I was surprised to see the place almost deserted, the results of an on-again off-again Air France strike. It was like a ghost town. 
During our two-hour layover, we had to change terminals and go through another security check. We had a little time in the lounge to have coffee and mineral water, and then it was time to walk to the gate for the Delta flight to Atlanta. This was an eight-hour flight, better than 12 but still long. The passage over Canada showed that winter is not yet over in much of that snowy place. To be fair the far north, the coldest, snowiest place, is very sparsely inhabited.
We had a two hour layover in Atlanta during which time we had to complete immigration and customs formalities, we arrived at the gate with minutes to spare.
By the time we arrived in Atlanta, around 17:30 (5:30 pm) we were quite tired, as can be imagined. We took a Lyft ride home, where we are now looking forward to a good rest. The rest will not last very long for me, however since my Congolese visa has arrived, and it has a limited validity and I have other trips planned, I will make a last minute trip to the Congo starting next weekend. I plan to post blog entries from that trip too, so you are welcome to follow along. Thanks for your prayers and your encouraging comments. They are all deeply appreciated.
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Such a relief to hear ur home safe and sound. Thank u both for ur self sacrificing service for the Work.


Glad to hear you are home. What long and tiring flights it has required to complete this trip. It's encouraging to hear about the supportive fellowship with the little group at the Prodique home. It must be assuring and strengthening for them. Looking forward to following along on your next trip.


Wonderful to hear that Jocelyn is continuing to improve. I know our beloved brethren there appreciated the visit.