Into Africa, briefly

Monday, May 21, 2018
Paris, Île-de-France, France
This morning we were up and ready to leave the hotel at 09:00. The Monday after Pentecost is a holiday in many Catholic countries, and so it is in France which meant there was less traffic than on a normal week day. We took an Uber to the airport, had our suitcases wrapped in plastic as a precaution against theft, and because both our bags had been broken on the way to Paris. A latch was broken off my sturdy Zero suitcase, and Marjolaine’s beloved, hard-side Samsonite, which we’ve had for probably 15 years, and which has travelled around the world, finally cracked on one corner. Nothing physical lasts forever.
We waited in the Air France lounge until it was time to board the Kenya Airways flight to Nairobi. The new 787 left at 10:00 am and arrived in Nairobi at 9:00 pm. We watched some movies and read books to pass the time. I’m reading a book by Jim Corbet an Englishman raised in India in the 1800s who, during the Raj, killed many man-eating tigers in an area of India we hope to visit. Marjolaine is reading Day of Empire by Amy Chua, an author always worth one’s time.
On arrival we paid for our tourist visas, picked up our luggage and found the driver hooding up a sign for the airport hotel we had reserved. It was just a short drive away, thankfully so we were in our room by 10:00 pm. We’ll have much of tomorrow to rest before our ongoing travel to Delhi.

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Teri Croft

I know you will enjoy India- I just got back from there!! Wonderful people . It’s a country of such contrasts. Enjoy!!! And safe travels.


Glad you had a safe flight, and we look forward to following along. Thanks for the book recommendations.

Margaret Villaescusa

So happy you were able to be in Paris for Pentecost. I am sure the little Parisian flock were delighted to see you. What an amazing travel itinerary you have. Praying for safe travels, good health and strength to do God's work.