A Down Day

Tuesday, March 03, 2020
Lome, Maritime Region, Togo
Today we slept in as long as we could, which wasn't as long as we would have liked. The day had been set aside for personal counseling if any members requested it, and they had all been informed. None had done so by Monday, so we had Tuesday to catch up on office work, to prepare our upcoming presentations and to rest.
It had rained during the night and early in the morning, so the air was pleasantly cool until the early afternoon when the tropical sun finally burned through the clouds. It was a very pleasant morning.
I had a cappuccino and cornflakes for breakfast. The cornflakes were served with hot milk! I asked if I could have cold milk instead and it was provided.
We had Hawaiian pizza for lunch (with the ham replaced by turkey-ham), of a good, close-to-Italian variety (Italian pizza is quite different from what is sold as pizza in the US). Lee had a mezze and I spaghetti for dinner. You can tell nothing much exciting happened during the day as I am reduced to telling you in detail what we ate!

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Glad you all had some down time in a beautiful location.