A good day in Lomé

Wednesday, March 04, 2020
Lome, Maritime Region, Togo
Today I expected Anatole at 09:00; he arrived closer to 10:00, which was fine, we had plenty of time. We walked out to a covered table near the pool and began discussing this important topic. Mr. Ahialegbedzi had gone over pretty much everything with him, as I had asked him to do. So I covered pretty much everything I cover in three or four sessions in an hour. He was ready, and I told him we could baptize him right away or wait until Friday morning if it would be too much to go home and get his clothes and come back.
He said he would come back by 1:00. But about 12:00 Guy called to say, Anatole realized it would be too much to make the round trip, so could we reschedule until Friday. That was fine.
Lee and I had a light lunch and continued working until 3:00 when Guy arrived to take us to his house. We four sat at a table and I covered lesson number three: Christian Priorities. I spoke about an hour and then took some questions.
Mrs. Ahialegbedzi had prepared us a snack, fried white yam (these are not at all sweet and are much harder that the sweet potato/yams we’re used to in the US) and tomato and onion sauce. It was tasty and welcome since we were a while from dinner, although at it turned out, this was filling enough that it was dinner.
Then when everyone was present, I started the Bible Study. I used the example of the 1902 volcanic eruption in Martinique to talk about how people miss signs of impending tragedy. I showed a PowerPoint presentation about what happened in Martinique, including photos of what the town of Saint Pierre (completely destroyed in 1902) looks like today. Jesus warned that it will be this way just before His return to earth. So we read though some of the “signs of the times” Jesus prophesied would precede His return. I took about an hour, and was happy not to have to have a translation, everyone here understands and speaks French.
There were a very few questions afterwards, not all the young people were present because it was a school night.
This was a full and useful day, and I look forward to performing Anatole’s baptism on Friday.



We appreciate the photos and the sense of timing...how to schedule activities like baptism and eating meals and meeting brethren, nothing to take for granted.