Go To Your Room

Monday, January 02, 2023
Douala, Littoral, Cameroon
Today, I had a visit arranged in the afternoon with a married couple. She is counseling for baptism, and we haven’t been able to carry on with that process since the COVID lockdowns began. We agreed they would come to the hotel any time in the afternoon before 6:00 pm. I continued working in my room. More editorial office work.
I heard nothing more from them, through the afternoon. The hours wore on. Finally, at 6:30 I texted them and ask if they were still coming. He texted back “yes, tomorrow.”
I’m receiving text confirmations from a few members from outlying areas who will be coming in, so that’s progress. I’ll have rooms reserved for them tomorrow, and arrange for meals as well.
At least I’m getting lots of office work done!

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Glad to hear that you can work remotely as you wait for folks to arrive. We pray that your counselings will be helpful and productive, in spite of the difficulties of meeting.

Tess Washington

Still here Mr. Meeker! Just catching up with your travel blog! Thank you!