Settling in

Thursday, March 30, 2023
Lomé, Maritime Region, Togo
Today we caught our breath. Somewhat surprisingly we didn’t sleep very well, although we were both quite tired. It’s no uncommon with jet-lag and other changes. I slept as late as I could then had a bite of breakfast in the already heavy heat of the morning. It’s averaging 90°F here now, and in the humidity of sea level, it’s a heavy load. Then I worked in the room on various projects, we have quite a lot coming up in the next weeks.
Pierre came by in the afternoon to take me to see a plot of ground we’re in the process of purchasing as the sight of a future church hall. It was a half-hour drive through mostly light traffic.
The lot is walled and has a simple lodging on both sides of the entrance gate, which are rented out at the moment. Beside some long drop toilets there is just vegetation, but what we need is the land. More and more African countries are insisting that churches have permanent buildings devoted only to church services and work, if they are to be recognized by the State. We want to be proactive about this when we can. I was glad we are able to take this step in Togo.
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Glad you have found land and that the purchase will make it less difficult for the church.

Tess Washington

Good to hear about this particular development in this area of God's works in Togo!