Another meeting

Wednesday, April 05, 2023
Douala, Littoral, Cameroon
We had agreed to have a Bible Study today at 2:30 in preparation for the beginning of the holy days. We made the drive out with Yusuf once again, arriving just on time. Only one member and a few children were in the meeting room. Others were coming I was told. 
We talked with Jules from central Cameroon who traveled about 5 hours by bus to reach Douala. I first met him about 1997, it’s been a pleasure to serve him. He’s been a pillar in the Church all the years that I’m known him. We talked about his family and his health. He’s retired now and feeling his age. His career was spent working on one of the giant sugar cane plantations in that region. Sugar is an important part of the economy.
I told him I remembered the company spreading molasses, a byproduct of sugar cane production, on the dirt roads to keep the dust down. It seems an expensive product to use, but in another sense it’s free to the company. The whole area, for miles around, smelled like molasses!
We waited until 3:30 to start. Five adults and some children were present for the study. I spoke again about renewing our commitments toward God. After I finished, I opened the floor to questions. There were none.
I anointed three of the adults, one for leg pain related to diabetes, one for the effects of a mild stroke, and one for intestinal problems and tachycardia. Some are not doing very well. Two adults arrived just as we finished. We spoke with them for a few minutes. Others were still on their way and would arrive for the evening meal of the Night to Be Much Observed.
Marjolaine and I had talked over whether we would take the chance of eating with them in the evening. We decided not to take the risk. As we get a bit older we’re having to be more careful with food in Africa, and we couldn’t be sure of the kitchen here. We’re still early in the trip. If we were to fall ill, it would make travel much more difficult and might prevent us from doing all we need to do. So, at the end of the afternoon, we wished the few adults present a joyous start to the feast, and we headed back to the Ibis.
We’ll meet tomorrow afternoon the holy day service.
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Looking forward to hearing about the Holy Days there. Thanks for describing the practice in Jule’s time of using molasses to settle street dust.


Praying for your trip. I love reading about your travels and our brethren.