Rest in Mauritius

Saturday, April 15, 2023
Blue Bay, Grand Port District, Mauritius
We slept late this morning, and luxuriated in the time. I like to have breakfast so I arose in time to visit the buffet. Marjolaine just wanted coffee so, she stayed another half an hour. My lovely wife had a relaxing swim in the warm Indian Ocean waters and came back rejuvenated like she always does. I had things to do on my laptop, like getting my weekly member letter out to our French distribution list. Every now and then, I stopped to enjoy the view. This part of the coast is rocky, not really good beach front, which is why the hotel is inexpensive, compared to better situated resorts, but it is still quite beautiful. I like to stay along this coast because it's close to the airport, and things are less expensive.
At 1:00 we left the hotel for the hour-long drive to Beau Bassin, just short of the capital of Port Louis. Our little Suzuki, with a five-speed automatic transmission connected to an anemic little 60 cubic inch motor, struggles at times to accelerate. I’m having to learn how to coax it along.
We arrived at Saloni’s apartment just before 2:30, the time we agreed to start. Mrs. Laroche arrived just after us. We kissed each other on both cheeks with big smiles on our faces. It’s been years since Marjolaine has been here, we were all very happy to be together. We caught up on our news, good and challenging. Then we started out little service. We sang hymns using the music from the COGWA members app on my iPad. I had asked everyone for favorites and we each picked one. After the prayer I gave a news update and then moved into a sermon.
After the service he had tea and cookies. Thinking of Marjolaine, Saloni had bought some gluten-free biscuits which were quite good (they aren’t always).
We sat and talked about many things. I encouraged them to download the COGWA members app, which Saloni did right way. Mrs. Laroche’s phone too old, but she has another one at home that might work. She already watches sermons from our websites on her phone, but the app will make it easier.
It was a wide-ranging discussion and we could tell they both deeply appreciated the fellowship. We didn’t have to guess, they told us several times. Finally, at the end of the afternoon, the nephew of Mrs. Laroche came to pick her up, Saloni asked if she could hitch a ride with us down to Mahébourg, close to Blue Bay, so she could visit a friend. We were happy to oblige. The sun set as we were driving to the south coast. Sunset happens more quickly the closer one is to the equator (Mauritius is just north of the tropic of Capricorn), so it was day when we left Beau Bassin and dark night when we arrived in Mahébourg. We dropped her at the KFC (there are KFCs all over Mauritius, and a growing number of McDonald’s too), kissed on both cheeks again and said until next time, probably during the autumn Holy Day season.
We drove back to Blue Bay, where I easily found a parking place, and went back to the little restaurant across the street to avoid eating late. I had a pizza which was fine, Marjolaine’s dish was not so great again. The chilled rosé helped.
Tomorrow will be a slow day, before, on Monday, we visit a place we’ve never been in Mauritius, the island of Rodrigue.
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Love to you both

Tess Washington

Less hectic and more relaxing, calming day for everyone! Glad to hear that your luggage was not lost!


How nice to read about your visit and time together with the ladies. Beautiful view from your room.