Conference ends, Safari begins

Monday, May 01, 2023
Masai Mara National Reserve, Wilaya ya Narok, Kenya
This morning there was a special meeting for the deacons and elders to encourage them to continue the process of looking for men with potential to serve in the Church and gave them a fundamental understanding of how to mentor.
We said goodbye to everyone, and bid them God’s protection on the way home. We checked out and loaded our luggage into different vehicles. The administration headed back to Nairobi for their flights out later tonight.
Eight of us, Tim and Valery Waddle, Daniel and Cindy Harper, Chad and Laetitia Demarest and Marjolaine and I loaded into two 4WD Toyota Land Cruisers and began the three-hour drive south to the Masai Mara reserve, one of the best places in the world to view African game.  
Photographing the wildlife in places like the Mara reserve is a unique opportunity. It is especially enjoyable to go with friends and colleagues with whom we can have discussions about our work as well as the whole African experience.
The road to Narok and then to the reserve gate was not good, heavily pitted and holed. It rained off and on as we drove. On arrival at the lodge, we checked in, dropped our luggage and still had time for a 90-minute game drive nearby. We were blessed, right off the bat, to see giraffes, a small herd of elephants, and a black rhino, which is not a common sight.
Back at the lodge we found our luggage was in our tent. We had a very enjoyable dinner and relived our animal sightings of the evening. I’m sure we’ll sleep well tonight.
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Tess Washington

Glad to hear about your safari trip! Thank you for the wildlife photos!


Great that you lots to see close up.