Lake Baikal

Thursday, March 06, 2014
Irkutsky District, Irkutskaya oblast, Russian Federation
As I warned you in the last two blogs I was preparing to bore you with lots of interesting facts about Lake Baikal where we are staying at the moment. To increase our knowledge and therefore your boredom we spent an enjoyable morning in the local museum finding out all about it.
First and foremost it is huge, 400 miles long, 20 - 40 miles wide and 5371 feet deep, unbelievably ( to me at any rate) it contains 20% of the worlds fresh water, enough to supply the entire population of the planet for 40 years!

It also contains over 2000 species most of which are special to the lake, including the fattest seals you have ever seen .

From December till April it is frozen solid, so solid that there are designated roads across it. We took a walk on the ice this afternoon, it creaks alarmingly and strangely it is not very slippery.

Apparently they are having a warm winter, it is -17 at night and only -10 during the day. After four hours we had very cold and sunburnt noses and cheeks.

We are not sure what we are doing tomorrow but have dog sledding booked for the day after, notice I have not got a clue what day of the week it is.
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