Off to Africa

Saturday, September 03, 2016
Bishops Castle, England, United Kingdom
After much head scratching, research and a few bottles of wine we have decided to add another Southern African country to our list. We have been to South Africa, Namibia (our favourite), Botswana, Mozambique and Tanzania and were planning to add Zimbabwe however there seem to be a few issues since Old Bob stopped paying the police and army wages a few months ago so in the end we have decided on Malawi.

We know almost nothing about the country other than it has a big lake and a lot of towns whose names I have difficulty pronouncing so hopefully in the space of five weeks we should learn a little more. This knowledge will enable us to bore you all silly with a badly written blog and lots of out of focus pictures.

We fly out on 24th October with Ethiopian Airlines (another first for us) and have booked the first few nights in a hotel on the shore of Lake Malawi followed by a night on a 60 year old ferry to a tropical island in the middle of the lake. After that we will have no plans at all so it could go horribly wrong!
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