Checking Out the Hot Spots

Thursday, November 03, 2016
Nkhata Bay, Northern Region, Malawi
Today we checked out the places to stay in Nkhata Bay. Last night we stayed in a Dive School called Aqua Africa whose main appeal to us at the time was that it is right next to the ferry landing point and it was not slated in the guide book. It is OK but after we had been shopping for essentials (shampoo and mossie spray) we walked up the coast testing the beer in each of the other places to stay. The guide book raves about the great back packer vibe and that Nkhata Bay is the "in place", it isn't, the other places are all a bit sad and run down which is a shame. So we will stay put at Aqua Africa until we move on on Sunday.

We did not pick up any children but as you can see below today we were adopted by a reggae star (that is at least his opinion of himself) .
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