Veggie Feasts

Friday, November 11, 2016
Livingstonia, Malawi
As mentioned yesterday we are staying in a place called the Mushroom Farm, it is on the side of a mountain with spectacular views. Our bedroom is a cob house (straw and mud construction, as seen on Grand Designs) and the bathroom is huge, it only has three walls, the fourth is open with a 1000ft drop immediately below so there is no danger of anyone looking in although it is a bit disconcerting when you go to the loo in the middle of the night. It is a vegetarian establishment but they seem to think that if you are not given meat you must eat lots of greens. Yesterday's lunches were huge and then dinner was beyond us, I managed 70% of my plate of food but Gill was completely defeated and only managed 20%.
All the food we have had in Malawi has been good even when you don't expect it . The cafe on the ship is a good example, the boat is a government run institution like British Rail yet the food was home made from fresh ingredients. The only downside is that it is normal to have to wait an hour for your food, most places expect you to order many hours in advance and even then it is late being served. Patrick, our German guide when we're in the parks was livid when a breakfast ordered for 7am in a hotel did not materialise until 7.50. He has lived in Malawi for 20 years but this delay brought out his German side!
We have been sightseeing around Livingstonia which has an interesting museum and church as well as visiting some waterfalls which are the highest in Malawi. Tomorrow is a rest day and then we are off down the lake and probably out of Internet range for a few days so I won't get Barnets result for a few days, no bad thing as we seem to be losing rather a lot just lately.

Stop Press - Finally got a better internet speed so pictures added for the last three entries.

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