Elephants at Last

Monday, November 21, 2016
Nkhotakota, Central Region, Malawi
Whilst we have not come to Malawi to see lots of animals we were getting a little frustrated that we had hardly seen any. That was resolved this morning when a small herd of elephants were spotted near the lodge. It had just started to rain so we picked up umbrellas, our guide and the man with the gun and we were soon able to see a couple of adults and a baby. In the tourist parks in Tanzania or Botswana you can get very close, here the guides get a bit stressed if you get within 100m. Poaching has made the established elephants very nervous and the newer batch are still nervous after they met Prince Harry a few months ago (actually I think it was being darted and driven 200 miles which is what upset them, Harry was just here to encourage sponsors to pay for it).

We are back at the lakeside tonight and then, provided it is on schedule, we hope to be back in our cabin on the Ilala for our last cruise of the holiday.
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