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Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Canary Islands, Spain and Canary Islands
A good pub quiz trick question for you; Which is the highest mountain in Spain? 
Answer: El Teide in Tenerife at 3718m or 12,198ft which in my book is quite high.  It is also the most crowded mountain in Spain if today is anything to go by, we struggled up to 7,700 feet in a Fiat 500, it is so underpowered you need to change gear on motorways so the road up was quite a struggle, and then parked next to at least 500 cars at the cable car car park only to be told all the places have been already booked today so we were not permitted to get to the top.  It was very hazy so I don't think we missed much, I like my mountains to be remote empty spaces, I don't like Snowdon because of the crowds even though it is a lovely mountain, from the map El Teide looks less interesting so I have convinced myself that I have not missed anything. 
We have now left Little Britain and have moved up to the north west coast near a town called Icod. We are renting an apartment in a village of concrete houses half way up a hill. There are two snags, the drive is about a 1 in 4 hill which the Fiat can only climb by revving like mad and slipping the clutch, the smell is awful. The other snag is it is a long way from civilisation by which I mean a restaurant so tonight, and I suspect tomorrow, we are "at home" cooking on the small stove they provide.  The apartment does have a nice terrace and great views over the sea so with a bottle of wine, some local cheese it will not be too bad just in case you are feeling sorry for us. I've also just noticed that the local beer I am drinking whilst writing this is over 7% so goodness knows what rubbish I have been typing.
Tomorrow we explore the coast west of here including a village called Buenavista which deserves a visit just for the name, it does not seem to have a direct connection with Buena Vista in Havana or more importantly Buena Vista Social Club but we shall sing some of their greatest hits as we investigate the town.  I am sure you cannot wait for the next update.
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