All Along the North Coast

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Canary Islands, Spain and Canary Islands
Today we drove along the north west coast of Tenerife exploring each of the villages on route. No matter how large or small they all have a town square outside the main church with a bandstand in the middle and trees to give shade. Icod, being the biggest town has the largest and oldest trees which seemed to attract a lot of interest as they are 1000 years old.  I did not like to spoil things for the locals by saying the tree in Norbury is more than twice as old.  We were a little surprised to see a group of Chinese looking at them, why would a group of Chinese come to Tenerife?
The good people of Buenavista heard we were coming and put the bunting out, we did not hear any Cuban music but we did sample the cakes in a shop recommended in the guide, they were truly memorable. Whilst on the subject of food we have found some nice cheeses which are half the price of similar types in the UK and for £2.50 you can buy a very acceptable bottle of red wine to go with it.
After doing all the villages we decided to drive up into the mountains to a place called Masca for a late lunch, this is one of the sites recommended in all the guides and it seems everyone on the island decided today was the day to go.  It was a great drive but there were so many cars in the village people were parking miles away and we suspect all the restaurants would have been full to bursting so we carried on and had an even later lunch.
Tomorrow we move further north for one night in Orotava calling in at a few seaside resorts on the way and then we have two nights booked in La Laguna which is supposedly a very nice old town.
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