A cultural day

Wednesday, November 01, 2017
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain and Canary Islands
The Museum of the Colon, with a name like that we had to pay a visit. It was not the bottom of the museum league, in fact it was very good. It is dedicated to Christopher Columbus who passed through Grand Canaria on each of his four trips to discover the route to India. In fact he died believing he had discovered the route to the Far East and it was not until after his death it was realised he had discovered the West Indies and Central America.
A chap called Amerigo Vesspuci who was a cartographer and explorer realised Columbus's mistake and got a whole continent named after him as a result.  He was helped by the fact that the contemporary scientists had rediscovered the works of Ptolemy who worked out how large the world actually was. 
We also visited a museum dedicated to the Stone Age people who lived on the Island before the Spanish arrived in the 15th century. They were Stone Age because there is no metal deposits on the island but they seem to have had quite a sophisticated culture either living in caves (nice and cool) or stone huts. 
One exhibit showed the paintings made inside one of their caves, the patten is just like our wall paintings of 1564.
It was a good example of a museum that concentrates on one subject and does it well. The only disappointment is we were kicked out at 1.40 as they wanted to close the museum, it is All Saints day, a public holiday, and the curators wanted to go home for whatever you do on All Saints Day. We were the only visitors by then.
Having done two museums Gill was up for a third but I pulled her away from the entrance. It is a science museum and I am saving that for a full day (a full day is the time after coffee at 11.00 until siesta at 14.00).
Tomorrow we may spend the day on the beach, it will probably rain
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