Life is a Beach

Thursday, November 02, 2017
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain and Canary Islands
A day on the beach. It is right next to the city centre so has quite a vibe to it, people just come for a stroll or to sunbathe for a few hours and there are very few families. The bars and restaurants overlooking the beach are up market and the place is generally quite smart even with two old people pretending to be young. You will be pleased to know we did not take a thermos flask of tea and we splashed out on sun loungers and an umbrella. 
The main task today was to decide what to do for the rest of the holiday, we move on from here on Saturday and will spend two days in the mountains after that we are in a resort called La Playa de Mogan which is supposedly not too spoilt but somehow we have our doubts. Finding anywhere unspoilt seems difficult and in our frustration in finding anywhere the next weekend we just booked a Ryanair  flight home a couple of days early instead. The airfare is £23 each for a 1,800 mile trip, a third of the cost of a 60 mile flight between the islands, I know I am getting old but this is barmy isn't it?
Tomorrow we visit the science museum so stand by for lots of interesting facts in our next blog.
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