Good food in Tourst Town

Tuesday, November 07, 2017
Lomo Quiebre, Canarias, Spain and Canary Islands
Greetings from a holiday complex in the south of Grand Canaria. The Canaries are supposed to quiet at this time of year but this has proved not to be the case, indeed local news reports an increase of at least 12% in tourism this year. All the interesting, unusual or recommended (by Lonely Planet at least) accommodation seems to be full (we would have stayed longer in our cave if we could) so we are now in what is actually a very nice and well equipped apartment, but it is one of 500, with kids' clubs, swimming pools and a ghastly looking bar and restaurant which we will avoid.
We were however pleasantly surprised last night when we walked down to the main town and harbour area. All the touts were trying to entice us into their restaurants with special offers, 'all you can eat' paella, pints of beer (yes pints) for 2.50 etc. One Italian restaurant just had a menu outside, no touts, a few people eating and the prices were a bit higher. The food was very good indeed, by far the best of the holiday so far, so we have booked for our last night as well. We noticed the local Indian restaurant was full last night so we ate there this evening, it is always good to try foreign food when you are away!
Tomorrow we will explore the coastal area north of here which is the Spanish equivalent of a national park so perhaps less concrete.
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