At Last, a Decent Fishing Village

Wednesday, November 08, 2017
Lomo Quiebre, Canarias, Spain and Canary Islands
Whilst the centre of Grand Canaria has some spectacular scenery and fairly nice villages everywhere we have been on the coast has been destroyed by over development. But today, after another spectacular drive through the mountains we arrived at a small fishing port called Puerto de la Aldea where there are a few houses, three cafe's and a shop. It is just like the thousands of little Greek fishing villages but sadly it seems to be the only one left here.
We had a very nice meal in one of the cafes and a walk round the harbour, a very nice to spend a couple of hours at lunchtime.
Now here is another pub quiz question for you all; how many legs does an octopus have? As you can see from the attached photograph of my lunch the answer ought to be eight. I have never been served octopus complete like this before and I am not sure if I was supposed to eat the body as well (call me a coward but I didn't).
Ought to be eight? The answer is six, an octopus has two arms and six legs!  At least he did until I ate them all.
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