Over Sold Sand Dunes

Thursday, November 09, 2017
Lomo Quiebre, Canarias, Spain and Canary Islands
The Lonely Planet Guide book describes the Duna de Maspalomas as “ The fabulous dunes which were designated a nature reserve back in the 1990's” so we thought we would pay them a visit, nature reserves are our cup of tea.
It is an area 1.5km by 2.5km with dunes climbing to about 20m. Maybe not as impressive as those in North Wales, Norfolk or the North East of England or almost anywhere else in Europe with dunes but a sight to see nonetheless. It rather sums up Tenerife and Grand Caneria, the writers of the guide book have rather over sold the place
The area is surrounded by hotels which means the beach, which is very good, is packed with ladies wearing not much which is always nice!
We did have a walk along another beach back along the coast where we found a scruffy bar cafe and enjoyed our last wrinkled potatoes and mojo sauce with a salad. This also surrounded by sprawling development before getting back to our apartment ready to pack for an earlyish start for home tomorrow. We are booked into the nice Italian restaurant we ate in a few days ago this evening so we can end the trip on a high.
Tomorrow we are back home where the temperature will be 25c colder and wet.
Have we enjoyed our holiday? Despite the negatives it has been a nice break, the weather helps, the scenery in Grand Canaria in particular has been stunning and the museums interesting but you can't get away from the fact that the islands we visited have been ruined by over development.
I am coming back next year to La Palma for the “unnecessary boys walking holiday”. The guidebook says this island is unspoiled but then I have little confidence in what the guide calls unspoiled. Let's hope I am surprised.
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