Delivery of a dodgy truck

Monday, February 04, 2013
Arusha, Arusha Region, Tanzania
Next day Liz and Mike from Safari Drive delivered our Land Cruiser and had a demo about the truck. In some ways it was better than the Bushtracker ones we have hired before as it has sliding units in the back however the sta nav is a crappy small one which does not have Tracks4Africa loaded. The windscreen had a crack across the drivers eye line which was not impressive.
Once they had gone we started to set off for the supermarket but the catch on the spare tyre broke. Call to Liz, we went and had lunch (another nice pizza) and a mechanic turned up and removed the pin in the catch so the tyre arm swung free which became a nuisance during the holiday. So off to the supermarket, half way there an alarm sounds in the back from the aux power supply. Another call to Liz, mechanics sent to the supermarket. They say it is because the aux battery is low but if the car was running the alternator should have covered the power required. They claim that after we have driven for a hour tomorrow the battery will be charged and all will be well. We did not believe them but could not argue.  Not at all impressed with Safari Drive.
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