Beach Life

Monday, February 11, 2013
Pangani, Tanga Region, Tanzania
A long drive from mambo to a place called Peponi Beach Resort which is just up the coast from Pangani. It was a bit rough and ready but atmosphere was great and it is always nice to be able to sleep next to the sea.
We met a couple from the Midlands who are taking a year off and have driven down from the UK, this is the first time they have seen the sea since the Mediterranean!  After a nice beef burger in the beach bar washed down with a couple of Tuskers the long drive was soon forgotten. During the night we were awoken by a bleeping noise. We thought it was the alarm on the cars power supply again so got up to investigate. The noise was coming from the trees, we discovered next day it was bushbabies.
In the morning we walked along the beach to the next village which was a hive of activity. There were lots of sheets laid out on the sand which were covered in small fish, tens of thousands of them. Just above the beach there were about 20 small fires burning each with a pot of water into which fish were dropped in baskets for a few minutes to cook them. We could not work out if the drying fish were spread out before or after boiling and the owner of the place we are staying did not know either.
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