Another Beach

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Pangani, Tanga Region, Tanzania
We drove down past Pangani, across the river and on to the Beach Crab Resort which in some ways is better than Peponi but in others less so. On the plus side the bar and restaurant overlook the sea and have some nice comfy lounging areas, the bandas are a bit better but the showers are hopeless and there is no internet access. Our room was not serviced each day and there was no soap.
Dinner was quite good although the wind became strong which rather spoils the “eating overlooking the Indian Ocean” experience when any salad or anything else light is likely to end up blowing away. The next day we drove to the next door resort (the Tides) for lunch and to use their WiFi, about 60 emails, three regarding bookings so it was worth doing. It would have been nice to walk there along the beach but we would have looked pratts carrying a laptop.
The Tides is more upmarket than our resort and the food was very good, not pretentious, just well cooked. The barman gave me the bill in US$, I only had $20 bills and he had no change so we swapped to shillings. I misread his handwriting so instead of 49,000 shillings I was trying to give him 90,000. he was very honest and corrected me – he got a tip. There are a couple of other resorts next to The Tides both of which seemed deserted and there is only one other couple at the Beach Crab so it is clearly the quiet season.
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