Lazy Days and Art

Saturday, February 16, 2013
Pwani Region, Tanzania
Next stop Bagamoyo. We drove though the town, very scruffy, and down to the Fishermans Institute where we were supposed to catch the ferry to the Lazy Lagoon. It was all a bit sleepy and no signs to help but eventually a chap came up, called a number on his cell phone and a boat was summoned to collect us.
The Lazy Lagoon is designed for just that, it has a good beach, the bungalows are spread out along the beach each with it's own bit of sand and you are cut off from the rest of the world being on an island (strictly speaking not quite an island as there is a sand bar which connects it to the mainland).
We arrived for lunch which was OK. We spent the afternoon sitting on “our” veranda reading. Dinner in the evening was a little "African" in that the options were limited and what was delivered was not quite what you expected but it was OK. There are very few other guests, three couples including us and one family, probably five staff per guest. We did attempt to walk round the island next day but Gill thought it was too hot so we abandoned that idea. We got some good pictures of some kites and just pottered about on the beach, Lazy Lagoon live up to it's name, it is a very lazy place.
On our last day we drove into Bayamoyo where Gill bought a painting for 40,000 shillings (about £16) although an enterprising sole sold me a cardboard tube for £2 in which to put it.  I guess he makes more money than the artist.
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