Remote corner of Tanzania

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Tanga Region, Tanzania
The Fish Eagle Bay lodge was our next stop.  To say the Lodge is remote would be an understatement, it is 10km down a dirt road the last 4 of which are definitely 4 wheel drive only. Still the setting is stunning, the best so far, nice sandy bays with a lovely bar area on stilts and only two other customers!
The place is run by two white Zimbawians (Steve and Cathy), the only problem with it is the lack of water (washing your own clothes is banned) and the showers taste salty as the water comes from a borehole, the rest of the water has to be brought in (along the difficult track). The food in the evening was OK (fish) although we both had the runs next morning. The other two guests were Americans – she was working in a school somewhere in Tanzania and he (John) was here on holiday but he was brought up in Lushoto so was off there to visit his roots.
One day we borrowed a kayak and paddled round the next bay and up into a mangrove swamp, it was not great as the sea was shallow and the inshore wind quiet strong. By then we were the only guests in the Lodge so we had four security men, three waiters/cooks plus the owners Cathy and Steve looking after us.
The food at the lodge is good although you get no choice and it is always fish! Breakfasts as everywhere starts with the question “eggs” you get whatever they do but the only variation available to you is the type of egg (fried hard, poached hard, scrambled (never risked that) or omelette (normally the safest option).
The WiFi did not work on my PC. After much poking about I discovered their router only supports 54Ghz whilst my old laptop is 11Ghz only. Gills kindle worked, mine didn't as hers is a newer version. It is the first time I have come across this problem but I am sure it won't be the last.
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